Output 2: The textbook “Doing business digitally”

Output description

“Doing busienss digitally”, edited by Pierpaolo Magliocca from University of Foggia, Italy covers chapters prepared by 35 scholar coming from project partnership. The handbook covers all key issues required to understand doing business digitally. Its main sections include theoretical framework and digital entrepreneurship planning.

Target groups

Teachers and students.

The table of content

Introduction to Industry 4.0
Introduction to Industry 4.0 with a contribution on Society 5.0
Disruptive technology
Digital business and digital transformation in business
Opportunities and treats for digital business and digital entrepreneurship
Digital infrastructure
Digital strategies
Digital firm’s activities (supply chain, digital marketing, customer relationship management)
Digital Business Ecosystems
Developing success digital venture: resource and competence analysis
The six building blocks for creating high-performing digital enterprises
Business model innovation
Digital business plan and start up
Best practices
Socio-materiality and digitalization
Skills for disruptive digital business

Form: e-book, pdf


978-83-89410-84-9 (2nd ed.)

The recent version of the Textbook is avaiable in PDF format here:

Suggested citation:

Magliocca, P. (Ed.). (2023). Doing business digitally. A textbook. Foggia-Cracow: Małopolska School of Public Administration, Cracow University of Economics.